It's the reunion we all want to see! Chevy Chase will be starring alongside an old co-star in the big-budget holiday flick being filmed in Utica.

The cast of "The Christmas Letter" keeps growing and added an Oscar-winning actor to its growing roster.

Homage to "National Lampoon"

"Inventing Anna" star Angus Benfield is not only helping to produce "The Christmas Letter," he announced that he was cast to play an "everyday Joe" in the upcoming film.

That wasn't all the excitement Benfield had in store. He also announced that another major actor was cast in the upcoming holiday feature. Of course, the reveal will delight people who live life wearing nostalgia goggles.

Oscar-nominated actor Randy Quaid, who played the beloved Cousin Eddie in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" will co-star alongside Chevy Chase in "The Christmas Letter."

Randy Quaid
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"We're going to have both Chevy and Randy reunited again on the screen," said Benfield, adding the casting will pay an homage of sorts to "Christmas Vacation." He added the movie is heartfelt,

Benfield also revealed that filming for "The Christmas Letter" is about to begin in Utica and will roll throughout the month of January. Rumor also has it that one scene will take place in the historic DoubleTree by Hilton Utica, aka the super-haunted Hotel Utica.

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Check out Benfield's full announcement below:

What "The Christmas Letter" Is About

The film's director, Tori Hunter, previously explained the upcoming movie pays tribute to the hilarious Christmas movies of the 80s and 90s. It also challenges the idea that Christmas movies can only be set around the holidays and not any other time of the year.

Hunter's "comedic, heartfelt film" is about "an everyday man who gets a Christmas letter every year from his friend who lives a very different life than him."

Every year unemployed copywriter Joe Michaels reads his wealthy friend's annual over-the-top Christmas letter and feels like a loser, but this year is going to be different.

Michaels has an epiphany that it's time to outshine his wealthy friend and their amazing, yearly exploits.  The protagonist thinks if he is able to have the same lavish lifestyle as his uber rich friend, he'd have a more fulfilling life - so he decides to take his family on "wild, crazy adventures" for a full year so he can write "a Christmas letter that tops his friend's Christmas letter."

Director Tori Hunter expressed her excitement over the unique film because its timeline gives the movie's protagonist a full year to realize what truly makes him happy, instead of over a course of several days.

The script was written by Ilion-native Michael Cunningham.

Welcoming Chevy Chase

"Community" Panel - Comic-Con 2011
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Hunter said she cannot wait to see how Chase turns his character into another legendary Christmas figure like Ralphie, Kevin McCallister, Clark Griswold and more.

He's going to bring a really special comedic genius to a unique character that I'm really excited to bring to life.

Hunter expressed hope the film will become an instant classic because it'll deliver plenty of belly laughs and heartwarming moments.

You can read more about the movie's progress on its official Facebook account.

Filming in Utica is slated to take place from January 2024 to March of 2024.

WIBX previously chatted with Hunter, as well as Utica's "Film Czar" Paul Buckley about the movies being filmed in Central New York. You can check out the video below:

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