Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Today we speak to Peter Franklin and get his true tales from New York City, Congressman Richard Hanna, and Brian Thomas from the Utica Planning and Renewal Dept. about a possible Bleeker St. makeover.

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***Today’s Topics***


- It was a dramatic finish at the Carrier Dome last night and ISIS members may be in mourning this morning. Carl Heastie is the new Assembly speaker.


- We talk about all the possible conspiracy theories in regards to the Celebrity Apprentice. It's fake, but Bill loves it. The difference between teacher salaries in Upstate and Downstate New York is pretty surprising.


- Actor Randy Quaid went nuts on a YouTube video featuring his wife in a Rupert Murdoch mask. What is the cause?

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- Peter gives us the True Tales from New York City and talks to us about the commuter train accident in Westchester County.

For a tour with Peter or to read his full True Tales at

Monica Ord - Electronic Cigarettes

- Before we talk to Monica, we talk about Bill's milestone! Monica is founder of Citizen Electronic Cigarettes and there are studies that show E-Cigarettes may be just as dangerous.

- We talk about how effective the E-Cigarettes can be to help quit smoking and safety concerns.


- Bill has the numbers on salaries from school districts across New York state and specifically Westchester counties. The numbers may be shocking. We get some of the districts in Oneida County numbers.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- Before we get to Congressman Hanna we talk about Geraldo Rivera and how he showed his age by wanting to get to a Word Processor. Also, we'll talk about Paris Hilton's brother who had some air rage.

- Now we get to the Congressman! He is live from Washington D.C. and is on to talk about his local infrastructure Bill. It would be affect the highway trust fund. He is confident that it will pass. Richard talks about other issues up for debate in Washington.


- We talk about the voting in of Carl Heastie as the Speaker of the Assembly and Bill takes issue with Claudia Tenney's "Grandstanding."


- Paris Hilton's 20-year-old brother got very aggressive and angry on a plane and it took 5 flight attendants to subdue him and this happened over the Summer!

- We also talk with Brian Thomas from the Department of Urban Planning and Renewal. There are possibilities for financial help to business owners or residents on Bleeker Street.


- We continue to talk about Claudia Tenney and her vote for Speaker, Lance Armstrong talks his girlfriend into taking the fall for something.

Assemblyman Marc Butler

- We talk to Assemblyman Butler about the replacement of Sheldon Silver by Carl Heastie. He talks about what he hopes to accomplish from this.

Andrew's Post Office Woes

- Andrew talks about an irate woman at the post office that was trying to send girl scout cookies to the Town of Boonville.

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