The Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority is reminding residents how to best dispose of common gardening items.

Items like yard tools, power tools, plastic flower pots, mulch-compost bags and garden hoses cannot be placed at the curb for recycling.

Most of those items can be dropped off at the OHSWA’s two Eco Drop locations on Leland Avenue in Utica and Perimeter Road in Rome.

“During the Spring, we are pulling items out of our sheds and garages that we have not used in several months. When it comes to disposal of these items, there may be some materials you are unsure of,” says Samantha Brown, Authority Recycling Coordinator. “Checking with your local recycling center before you toss your items can help reduce contamination in the recycling stream, prevent equipment malfunctions at recycling centers, and save landfill space - helping to conserve natural resources and energy right here in Oneida and Herkimer Counties.”

The Authority also says yard/green waste compost is now available for purchase in both bulk and bags at the two Eco Drop locations.

The Authority’s compost is made from green waste (brush, leaves and grass clippings) from Oneida and Herkimer Counties and turned into a useful soil amendment for gardens, lawns and landscaping.

The high-quality, finished compost is screened and available for purchase by residents and businesses in the region.

For more information on Authority compost, facility locations and hours of operation or other programs, please visit or call (315) 733-1224.

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