Parents, teachers and board members at the Utica City School District had plenty of COVID-19 questions for Oneida County Health Director Phyllis Ellis, at their board meeting on Wednesday.

Ellis was there at board member Joe Hobika's request because he said there were so many unanswered questions, despite guidance from the State Education Department.  There was no shortage of participation as Ellis was peppered by health questions surrounding the virus.

What happens when someone tests positive?

Who handles the testing and the contact tracing?

Are you anticipating a bad flu season and a second wave of the coronavirus?

"Parents and teachers are nervous about the virus and returning to school," said Hobika. "I just wanted the opportunity for all of them to be able to get answers to their questions, to set them at ease. This question and answer session with Phyllis was incredibly informative. She knows what she's talking about," he added.

At the meeting, the board of education voted to remain 100% virtual until November 2nd, when Utica will begin with the 2 : 2 Hybrid Model which entails a combination of in-person and remote learning four days every week.

Watch the entire board meeting below.

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