Steve Nunno has had a long week on the road visiting animal shelters across the state. He's not on a train. He's not taking a car. Steve has himself and a bicycle.

Nunno did this ride for one reason and that is the comfort and care of those animals awaiting adoption. The local personal trainer teamed up with a local non-profit organization called 'Bubba's Beds for Shelter Friends' for the journey.

Nunno first met the BBFSF founder, Matthew Ambrose, through his employment at the Utica Fire Department. Nunno trains new recruits and Ambrose is a Deputy Chief. Ambrose and his wife Julie started BBFSF in 2016.

'Bubba's Beds' provides free orthopedic, chewproof and easy to clean Kuranda beds for shelter animals. Nunno said prior to his ride, "Imagine sleeping on a concrete floor for a day, or maybe even years! That’s what shelter animals must endure, with no escape from the hard, cold, wet floor. I want to change that." So, he took off.

Steve Nunno

Nunno is riding his bike across New York, stopping only to deliver beds to shelters along the way and to sleep. Nunno says, "We can’t adopt them all but we can make sure they’re all healthy and comfortable in shelters." That is what Ambrose and Julie set out to do when they started the organization. Ambrose says, "The impact a Kuranda bed makes is amazing. It changes their health and demeanor and makes them more adoptable. It keeps them dry and reduces the spread of disease around the shelter. It eliminates the laundry and mess to clean up by shelter staff. The look on a dog’s face when it gets his/her bed says it all."

A few of the shelters included on Nunno's journey include Estherville Animal Shelter in Greenfield Center, NY, the Animal Protective Foundation, Regional Animal Shelter, Saratoga Animal Shelter, Montgomery SPCA and Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley.

Steve Nunno

All in all so far Nunno and 'Bubba's Beds' delivered 97 beds and raised $2,640 towards buying additional beds. His goal with only a few days left is to raise $6,000. It's $60 per bed, but any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.The effort continues every day to make these shelter pups comfortable and Steve will be riding until Monday evening. Monday he will return to Utica stopping at local businesses for donations. You can still donate to the cause by visiting

Nunno did this for the love of dogs. He has 5 rescue dogs himself. He's been riding his bike non-stop and all you have to do is click the link above. Any amount will make a huge difference in the lives of these animals.