Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is announcing the availability of funding for Arts & Culture as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) education projects.

Picente made the announcement Monday that any arts and cultural organizations can now submit requests for proposals to receive grants from the Partners in Prosperity Funding that is designed to expand the region's access to arts and culture.

That money can then be used for activities or plans that are ready to be implemented but are lacking money to do so.

“When we settled our long standing disputes it was always with the idea that we would use the revenue to move this county forward," Picente said. "We said we would take this new stream of revenue and use it to develop or economy, improve our infrastructure, make our community safer while expanding opportunities for the arts and put the future of education front and center as a top priority. That is what we have done.”

The Partners in Prosperity funding is separated into categories for NU Downtown Housing Initiative/Economic Development, Infrastructure, Public Safety and Arts & Culture/STEM education.

“Today is an announcement that puts part of this agenda into focus," Picente added. "We are asking the community organizations and our school districts to fund programs and curriculum that will continue shape this County through the next decade. Expanding our rich culture and arts community so they can continue to showcase to the region what Oneida County has to offer. Meanwhile we are making dollars available to financially strapped School Districts to make our county’s STEM education the best in the state as we prepare for our new high tech economy.”

The Partners in Prosperity Funding comes from revenue generated through the 2013 settlement agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation, Madison County and New York State.

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