Gone are the days of Utica Blue Sox games at the legendary Murnane Field in South Utica. But, with COVID-19 causing all types of organizations to readjust, Anthony Picente is looking to use it as an opportunity to bring Minor League baseball back to the area.

In a letter sent to the Toronto Blue Jays President & CEO Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente extended an invitation to host their triple A ball team, while the two nations continue to deal with the COVID-19 virus. Baseaball season is quickly approaching and these professional ball clubs need a place to practice.

Picente wrote to Shapiro saying,

As you work through the challenges of playing through a full season with the Major League team in Dunedin, and possibly Buffalo, we want to extend an offer of a homecoming of sorts in Oneida County, as a temporary host for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons.

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Now, while Buffalo is extremely close to Canada, Utica would clearly be the better fit. Just look at the successes The Utica Comets have had at The Adirondack Bank Center, all while meeting the 'farm club' needs of our neighbors in the north.

With all the improvements done to Murnane Field, it would serve as the perfect host for hopeful Major League Baseball stars. This area has always been prone to supporting minor league teams. Picente addressed that specific in the topic as well. Picente boasts in his letter, "Today, Donovan Stadium at Murnane Field is in excellent condition and could support over 3,000 fans."

This team will never hesitate  to show their hometown spirit.

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