Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente has sent a letter to Governor Cuomo and state legislative leaders to express his objection to legislation being considered in the Senate to change the Oneida Indian Nation agreement.

Picente says any redistribution of the Nation payment would be a breach of the settlement agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation, Oneida and Madison Counties and the State, and is unacceptable.

Under the settlement agreement, 25 percent of the nation's payment to the state is given to Oneida County annually.  The state will also send $2.5 million annually for nearly 20 years.

Madison County received a one-time payment of $11 million and receives $3.5 million annually.

He says according to the 2013 agreement, any modification requires written approval from all four parties, which is not the case here.

Picente said “We all had choices to make at the negotiating table. Oneida County chose to become partners with the Oneida Indian Nation and we have moved on together.”