With cases of COVID-19 increasing and cooler weather blanketing the Mohawk Valley, many restaurants, even fine diners, are amping up their pick up and take out dining.

The Tailor and the Cook has a small dining room and they've followed all COVID-19 restrictions, however, with increasing cases the fine dining restaurant is offering "heat and eat" meals every Wednesday through Saturday.

It's actually easy to order. Visit the To Go portion of the website and order your meal for two for pickup. This weekend the meal is Salmon en Croute - Flaky Puff Pastry, Dijon, Local Mushrooms Roasted Farm Vegetables, Pernod Cream Utica Bread and Maple Butter for $56. The suggested NYS Wine Pairing: is Anthony Road Pinot Gris. The Tailor and the Cook includes simple instructions for you to reheat and prepare at home
with less than 25 minutes prep time!  Pickup is from 4:30 p.m. until 8. For more information call 315-624-FOOD.


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