Former Utica Police Lieutenant and now law enforcement consultant Steve Hauck was on the Keeler Show on Thursday following the mob incident that occurred at the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday.

Hauck cautioned that the public should wait for a complete investigation before passing judgment on Capitol Police. How did the mob enter so easily? Reports coming out of D.C. seem to imply that while they expected a large crowd, they didn't expect that crowd to rush the building and ransack the interior.

"It's possible that the doors to the building were left unlocked to give the police a way to exit," Hauck said. The former UPD communications director and Lieutenant also cautioned that videos don't always show the accurate picture of what's really going on. For example, one video showing Capitol Police moving the barricades out of the way to allow the mob to enter the property could possibly be inaccurate. The video could be of the mob exiting the property or possibly, the video could be old footage that has nothing to do what happened on Wednesday. Hauck said it's important to wait for the results of a complete investigation.

Hauck also said that the Capitol area of Washington D.C. is highly concentrated with cameras and he expects that law enforcement and the FBI will be going over that video footage and several arrests will be coming.

Watch the complete video below.


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