Barnes Corners, NY (WIBX) - DNA evidence is used to catch a criminal. According to The New York State Police, 21-year old Robert Austin was arrested for burglarizing the Creekside Market back in 2010.

According to authorities, blood evidence left behind at the market was used to match Austin to the crime. The burglary occurred on May 1st, 2010 at approximately 11:30 PM. The front door glass was smashed in and cash, cigarettes, candy, and the cash register were stolen from inside. Evidence collected at the scene and nearby, where some of the stolen property was recovered, included blood left by one of the perpetrators, who apparently cut himself when smashing the glass. This blood evidence eventually produced a DNA match to a subject whose DNA profile is currently in the NY State DNA database. Austin is currently serving time for other unrelated burglary convictions in other counties.

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