Marcy, NY (WIBX) - Nationally Wendy's and Subway earned the top spots in this year's Zagat Fast Food Survey.  Did our listeners agree?

In our poll Subway and Taco Bell tied for second.  Wendy's was the big winner, garnering forty percent of the vote.  McDonald's and Burger King tied for a distant third place.

Although Wendy's was ranked as the Top Overall Chain by Zagat's  more than 10,500 voters, Subway was voted the "Most Popular" mega-chain.

In the "Quick Refreshment" chain category Starbucks got the top nod for being the most popular, although Caribou Coffee won the Top Overall award.

The award for best fast-food burger in the United States went to Five Guys, but McDonald's held onto its reputation for the "best french fries."

And if you think that such surveys are a waste of time, consider the fact that, according to Zagat, those who participated in the survey say they collectively eat more than 1.2 million meals at chains per year.  That is a whole lot of burgers and fries!

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