HBO sure did a great job transporting you back in time with the first season, back to a different age. Now, it will soon be time for round two.

The show Gilded Age premiered, with a lot of hype, on HBO not even a month ago. Although the series is only a few episodes into its first season on television, they already are doing well enough to get a second season inked. While the show is set in the 1880s in bustling New York City, portions of the show are not filmed in the Big Apple.

Upstate New York Was Featured In A Big Way For Season 1

Hart Cluett Museum via Facebook
Hart Cluett Museum via Facebook

In fact, much of the filming took place in Troy, New York. Troy is a city of around 50,000 sitting just north of the New York State Capital of Albany. Troy was a city that thrived in a big way in the period the series is set, thus it has a lot of architecture that screams that period. Making it certainly a destination for the filming of the show Gilded Age. But, will it be for the show's second season?

So, Where Might They Film?

Saratoga Race Course Opening Weekend
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While there is no answer giving a firm yes to that question, all signs are pointing toward it. People who work for the show are eyeballing numerous locations in not only Troy but now Saratoga as well. To be more exact, the Saratoga Race Course is being mentioned as a suggestion according to the Times Union.

At this moment, it isn't set in stone when the show will begin filming for season two. But it sure seems like Upstate New York will get another taste of the action.

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