It was 18 years ago that Mello Testa and his wife Cindy placed their Blues Brothers statues off the deck of their camp in Bald Mountain Colony in Old Forge. New management has now come in and told them they have to go.

These two famous landmarks have been greeting thousands of boaters for several summers and many people look forward to their boat rides along the channel between 3rd Lake and 4th Lake in the Fulton Chain of Lakes. Now, they're causing concerns for management and Testa says it is time to move on.

Testa says, "I was told by the new manager on Saturday afternoon that they have to come down because they draw too much attention to the park. I've been a resident in Bald Mountain Colony for 20 years, I've paid my rent, paid my taxes, spent tens of thousands of dollars to make improvements and all of a sudden my site and some others, especially on the waterfront, are on the hit list."

The announcement on the Blue Brothers - Old Forge NY Facebook page has people outraged and they're calling for the statues to remain where they are.

The outpouring of support and the overwhelming attention that has been brought to this issue has forced the new management to respond.

No matter what happens, people have strongly come out against the removal of these two statues. As James Wilson commented, "We've been there for a long time, seen them a million times and we still look every time we go through the channel. They're like the Paul Bunyon at Enchanted Forest."

Owner of the camp that is home to the Blues Brothers, Mello Testa, tells WIBX, "The true motives at BMC (Bald Mountain Colony) will be exposed in time. They make us promises but don't keep them. They tell one tenant one thing and another tenant something else. All of us are at wits end [and] we are at risk of losing our investment with no compensation whatsoever."

Testa says he can't believe the amount of total strangers that have commented on the Blues Brothers - Old Forge NY Facebook page.

It appears time is running out to see these iconic figures and so if you're able take the time to sail, slowly, through the channel between 3rd and 4th Lakes and see the Blue Brothers at the Testa Family Compound. Next summer, they'll be in a new location for new memories to be made by all.

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