It was at the conclusion of this past summer that Mello Testa realized his famous Blues Brothers statues would no longer be a staple at his camp in Bald Mountain Colony.

Due to issues with new management Testa and the famed landmark were forced to vacate, but Testa swore to bring some good to a not so good situation.

Even though the snow is arriving and the Blues Brothers will no longer sit at their post along the channel between 3rd and 4th lakes, Testa has offered to board them at area businesses to help local charities.

Now, Swifty's Restaurant and Pub has made room for them for the entire month of December. According to Testa on Facebook, the Blues Brothers will be at the downtown hot spot to benefit the Parkway Senior Center.

If you stop down to Swifty's, take a photo with Jake and Elwood and make a donation Swifty's will match that donation. Testa included in the Facebook post, "Please post you pictures to, and so that everyone can see them."

After the month long gig at Swifty's the Blues Brothers will be available for hire. Let Mello Testa know if you would like to help a particular charity.

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