If you look hard enough, you're bound to find something in your closet that you had no idea was there. Odds are, though, that nothing will top what this woman found.

Tara McVicar already had a possum in her closet, which is crazy enough. She was really shocked, though, when she discovered there was actually an entire possum family shacking up there. Like Joe Pesci living in the library basement in With Honors (how 'bout that reference?), they just settled in and took over the place.

McVicar is pretty entertaining while giving us the play-by-play in this somewhat NSFW video, but you have to wonder how this happened. Usually, you have to have a home good enough for Hoarders to get to this point, but her house doesn't seem that disheveled.

McVicar seems bewildered by the possum presence (and rightfully so), but we have to wonder why instead of making a video documenting this utter weirdness didn't she invest in some Mop & Glo and give her closet the kind of thorough cleaning maids at the Four Seasons provide? And why not call the police or some sort of official agency to help remove the animals?

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