One good thing about winter is snow fills in all those craters that can cause serious damage to your car. But once spring arrives, and the snow melts, it can make for one bumpy ride.

Where are the potholed roads in Central New York? Here are the 11 worst rides in Utica, Rome, and Syracuse, especially for your car.


Although some joked 'all of the roads in New York" were bad, Leland Avenue in North Utica topped the list as one of the worst roads in Central New York. Herkimer Road came in a close second. Dakin Street, Oneida Street, and Broad Street aren't much better, along with the Utica Parkway. "It's eaten two tires and a rim of mine," said Amanda Kohler.

Milgate Street in Utica is "absolutely awful" as well, according to Gabrielle Grace Taverne.

Rome Roads

It's not just Utica with bad roads. West Thomas Street in Rome is filled with holes too. "The pothole at the side entrance of Dunkin Donuts on Black River Boulevard comes back every winter," said Michelle Rossi Morgan.

Then there's the roadway in Oneida, to get to the plaza behind it. "It's beside the KFC and it's been horrible for many years," Kimberly Robertson said.

Route 46 between Boonville and Rome could use a little work. As well as the gorge from Boonville to Westernville. "It's horrendous," said Kim MP. "I have to travel it every day for work. My poor car."


It doesn't matter if it's Oneida Street in Utica or Syracuse. It's a street with the same name, in two different towns, but it still looks the same. Oneida Street was one of the top potholed places in Syracuse.

Brewerton Road is bad too, coming out of the Delta Sonic in North Syracuse. "It feels like I’m going four-wheeling every time," said Kari.

If you know a road that needs to be added to the list, email or send us a message on our app.

11 of Worst Roads in Central New York

Where are the bumpiest roads in Central New York? We asked and here are the 11 worst roads in Utica, Rome, and Syracuse, especially for your car.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

File a Pothole Claim:

If you know a bad pothole, you can file a claim to report it.

*Find out who owns the road; a local municipality, the county, or state?
*Call that government's clerk or highway department to find out how to submit a claim.
*Ask whether a written complaint of a pothole at that location was filed and when.
*Take photos and record details of the pothole's location.
*File a police report to document the incident.
*Get at least two repair estimates.

Need to report a pothole in Utica and Rome. There's an app for that.

Utica Potholes

Report potholes in Utica on the Utica 311 mobile app.

Rome Potholes

In Rome report potholes on the RomeNY 311 app

New York State DOT

Questions: 845-431-5921.

New York Thruway

Thruway forms can be emailed to or faxed to 518-471-4340.
Questions: 518-436-2981

You can report a pothole problem online or by calling 1-800-Pothole.

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