In a report from Spencer Conlin of Spectrum News, the American Society of Civil Engineers awarded New York's infrastructure with a "C" grade on their 2022 report card.

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The report from the American Society of Civil Engineers took a look at 11 different infrastructure categories, including bridges, roads, ports and transit. It was a slightly better grade than the 2015 report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, in which New York's infrastructure received a "C-minus" grade, but still well short of the obviously preferred "A" grade. But public parks and solid waste received a "B-minus" grade.

John Folts, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, stated "Our teams found, in most cases, our government officials are doing exemplary work with the resources allotted to them."

The main problem according to Conlin's report is New York's bridges. The report indicated that 10% of New York's bridges were in fair or poor condition. And according to Folts, that's above the national average of 7% of state bridges being ranked in fair or poor condition which is a cause of concern for New York. Poor bridges cost New York drivers nearly $8 billion every year according to their report.

State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara stated "Part of that is the maintenance part of it. If we wait until things break down, it actually costs more money down the road, and that's not the route we want to go."

State Assemblyman John McDonald referred to the report as "sobering" and said "We've invested a large amount of money in infrastructure over the past five to 10 years. We obviously have much further to go."

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