Friday the 13th is coming up. Want to avoid that bad luck? There are plenty of simple methods to reduce bad luck. These methods can be used year round as well.

1) Use Salt And Rock Salt

Regular household salt and sea salt are consider by many as an easy way to protect yourself. There are many ways to use it too. You can take a pinch of salt and throw it over your LEFT shoulder for good luck, you can also cleanse your body of bad luck by bathing in salt water. "Simply add two tablespoons of salt to a bath of hot water". Another method is to sprinkle sea salt in the corner of each room and underneath each windowsill. You can even sprinkle salt around homes, offices, bedrooms, around any perimeter to keep negative energy away.


2) Burn Some Sage

Generations of people have been burning Sage around their homes to get ride of all sorts of bad luck. This is called Smudging.

Sage has been used through the centuries to heal menstrual cramps, worms, coughs, memory, cancer, and help muscle inflammation."

You can buy dried smudge sticks of Sage at most psychic shops, or even buy some from the grocery store and let it dry out. Carry the sage around your home, waving the smoke away from you into every corner of the house. Let the smoke flow up and around walls. Think that you are building a barrier/shield that keeps negative energy out. Open doors and windows to let the negative energy exit. WARNING- Sage does have a smell similar to pot, just keep that in mind.


3) Use Crystals And Stones

Many psychics and spiritual healers carry stones almost 24/7. Different crystals and stones are believed to have mythical properties, ranging from protection, to warding off negative energy to bringing good luck. Locally, Herkimer Diamonds are amazing for protection and healing.


4) Light A White Candle

Bright light is generally thought to ward of bad luck, and bring in good luck. An old witches trick is to burn a white candle on a white dish. Keep a glass of water next to it. Let the candle burn, and the negative energy is absorbed into the water. Burn this for however long you'd like. When you're done, throw the water outside away from your home. This is making sure the negative energy stays away.


5) Shield Yourself

There are thousands of ways psychics shield themselves from negative energy. There are many simple meditations online you can follow to do this. One simple exercise is focusing on your breath, and building a shield around yourself. As you breath in, imagine gold/white light entering your nose. As you breathe in, imagine this light traveling through your veins. As you exhale, imagine gray/black smoke exiting your body. This is the bad luck leaving you. Do this for a few minutes, then imagine this gold/white light surrounding your entire body. This light is shielding you. You can even imagine holding a Knight's shield made out of this light, and watch as gray and black smoke bounces off of it. This is a simple trick to keep negative energy away.



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