Looking to know who may win Super Bowl 51? Looking to know which teams may make it before the playoff games this weekend? Psychics all over the internet weigh in. Here's some predictions and possible outcomes to look at.

1) The Moon Child Of CNY Predicts Green Bay

The "Moon Child Of CNY" predicts that Pittsburgh will beat New England this weekend, Green Bay will beat Atlanta this weekend as well. So for Super Bowl 51, Pittsburgh vs Green Bay. The Moon child predicts that Green Bay will take it all.


2) The Medium From RI Predicts A Pats Loss

"The Medium From RI" feels like the Patriots will make it to the last bracket but won't win it all. As a Pats fan it hurts her to say that, but that's how she feels.


3) The Psychic Comedian From CNY Predicts A Patriots vs Green Bay Super Bowl

The Psychic Comedian From CNY predicts that the Patriots will be Pittsburgh this weekend, Green Bay will beat Atlanta this weekend as well. As for Super Bowl 51, he predicts a Green Bay victory, but a close game down to the final minutes.


4) Mysterious Lady Katya Predicts A Pittsburgh Victory

Mysterious Lady Katya has predicted the following: Pittsburgh beats new England, Packers beats Atlanta, and Pittsburgh takes it all.


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