With the spirit of the holidays in mind Rabbi Didy Waks stopped by the Keeler show to talk about Hanukkah, the saying of "Merry Christmas," and the origin of Christmas lights.  In addition Rabbi Waks showed us his menorah-topped SUV after the broadcast.

Rabbi Waks says that Hanukkah is meant to be celebrated as a very public holiday.  He says that while the vast majority of Americans celebrate the Christmas holiday, he says that it is important that everyone celebrate his own special holidays and enjoy that joy of the eason regardless of which religion we all celebrate.

He says it is ironic that a Jew, Morris Propp, invented Christmas lights.  "Until today his family is doing ok...After all a Jew did create Christmas too."

He also talks about the naming of babies in the Jewish faith, and how that custom differs from other cultures.  He says that the names are not said out loud until God is informed of them first.  Boys are named when they are circumcised, on the eighth day.  Girls are named immediately, but only on days that The Torah is read (Monday, Thursday, or Saturday).

The rabbi also weighs in on recent news stories in which religion, or the interpretation - or misinterpretation of faith - has played a role.  Rabbi Waks says that history repeats itself and humanity has always fought over the same things.  "If eleven people could do something so bad, you can imagine what eleven good people could do."








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