A skunk has tested positive for rabies in the Town of Vernon.

The Oneida County Health Department says a family noticed the skunk chasing their dog in their barn.

The skunk was killed and sent to the State Department of Health Wadsworth Center for testing, where positive results were reported.

Officials says there was no human contact with the animal, but the dog was overdue on its rabies vaccine and is being quarantined for six months.

"Thankfully, everything was handled properly. The appropriate health personnel was contacted immediately and there was no human contact with the animal, " said Oneida County Director of Health, Phyllis Ellis. "Unfortunately, this dog happened to be overdue on his rabies shots. Had he been up-to-date, he would not need to be quarantined."

For more information on Rabies Prevention or a complete schedule of rabies clinics, contact the Oneida County Health Department at (315) 798-5064 or log onto ocgov.net/oneida/health.

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