One New York school district will start raising cows this fall for learning and lunch in the cafeteria.

Windsor Central Schools students will soon be able to get an “A” grade from Grade A beef after being awarded nearly $90,000 to increase the amount of New York beef used in the district’s meals. The new funding will provide students with opportunities to explore livestock farming.

The money will be used to buy cows students in the agriculture program will help raise to provide beef in the high school cafeteria. The cows will be raised in an area next to the chicken coop already set up outside the school.

“This gives students an opportunity to learn all about raising a meat animal because it’s not easy. The end result is something that you are going to feed people with. The expectation is that that product is good. You want to raise it in such a way that the consumer enjoys it,” said Windsor Central High School agriculture teacher Tina Miner-James.

Credit - Windsor School District
Credit - Windsor School District

Barn Building

The upcoming school year will be spent building the area where the cows will be kept. When it's finished the district will buy an adult cow closer to processing age, as well as a calf. Each following year, the district will buy a pair of calves.

“Students will go through the beef quality assurance training program offered to beef producers. Once they’re trained, they’ll have a whole new outlook on how that beef is raised. It will give them deeper insight. There are Ag and Market rules and humane rules that they’ll have to follow,” said Mrs. Miner-James.

Students will not only learn the intricacies of raising cattle with hands-on experience, but they'll also get to see if it’s something they want to continue in the future.

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