The man who is serving time for murdering his wife in December 2012 is getting five to fifteen more years recorded on his sentence for trying to buy his way out of jail.

Ganesh Ramsaran of New Berlin is currently serving 25 years to life for second degree murder in the killing of Jennifer Ramsaran.

The new sentence doesn’t actually tack on any additional time in jail. It is to be served concurrently with the first sentence.

Ramsaran admitted trying to bribe a prison worker into helping his escape. He offered the Corrections Officer $100,000 even though he owes New York State $375 in fees right now.

Ramsaran can’t appeal the bribery conviction under his plea deal but he is still in the process of appealing the murder conviction.

Jennifer Ramsaran was last seen at the end of December 2012 as she said she was driving to Syracuse to shop.  She was not heard from again.

Her body was found in a field next to a road in Preble months later.