Nearly 108,000 Thruway E-Z Pass On-The-Go tags were sold in 2016 by retailers across the state.

The 2016 sales break all previous records since the program was created in 2005.

The On-The-Go Program allows travelers to open a Thruway E-Z Pass account without filling out an application by buying a tag at retail stores.

Customers can go to a participating location and purchase a prepackaged tag for $25. Once a customer registers their On-The-Go tag either online or by phone, the full $25 is credited to their account, and the tag becomes active in 24 hours. E-ZPass On-The-Go allows the customer to receive the tag immediately, without waiting seven to 10 days to receive it in the mail.

“E-ZPass helps cut down on travel time, has built-in toll discounts, and, through the On-the-Go program, is easier than ever to sign up and get moving,” Governor Cuomo said. “I encourage any motorist without an E-ZPass to pick one up and help save time and money."


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