New Hartford, NY (WIBX) - About twenty-five actors, their families, friends, and community gathered along the red carpet this weekend to attend the premiere of "Batting Zero," a locally-produced movie short about bullying.

The premiere took place at the New Hartford High School, and the children who wrote, directed, and starred in the production arrived in high style, chauffeured by limosine.

Film Instructor Chase Clifford of the YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley says, despite the glitz and feigned glamour, the film had a definite purpose from the get-go. The children wanted to address bullying and the film was an effective outlet for that.

WIBX's Gino Geruntino co-directed and edited "Batting Zero." Danielle Trzcinski and Nathaniel Morse also oversaw the project. The list of actors appears below along with some photos and red carpet video. 

The Cast and Crew:

  • Chase Clifford - Film Instructor
  • Gino Geruntino - Film and Video Assistant
  • Danielle Trzcinski - SACC Director
  • Nathaniel Morse - SACC Coordinator
  • Aaleigha Baker - Page, Bully Buster
  • Jacob Brooks - Jacob
  • Cameron Crossway - Cameron
  • Derek Davis - Charlie's Understudy
  • Julia Grippe - Scarlett, Bully Buster
  • Sophia Holmes - Sophia
  • Nathan Jones - Wayne the Bully
  • Reilly Malloy - Reilly
  • Jack Mineo - Albert Schwingle, Science Nerd
  • Basia Mwantuali  - Kiki, Bully Buster
  • Soke Mwantuali - Master Jake
  • Andrei Nesterenko - Charlie
  • Evan Parker - Mike
  • Maggie Parker - Maggie
  • Ashley Pope - Marissa, Bully Buster
  • Emily Quinn - Rebecca, Bully Buster
  • Connor Rowlands - Master Cy
  • MaryLourdes Santiago - Bianca, Bully Buster
  • Jaxon Sobel - Jaxon
  • Isabella Stephens - Brittany, Bully Buster
  • Maggie Stephens - Juliet, Bully Buster
  • Hannah Taylor - Molly


  • Phonon Perrilloux - God
  • Emily McKeon - Little Angel
  • Ralph Pope - Janitor
  • Jessica Tutino
  • Tanyell Ford
  • Aviel Wierzbicki
  • Jayden Angleton
  • Tyler Penree
  • Tamia Williams
  • Ryan Rowlands