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Geoff Storm Talks about upcoming project

And the schedule

Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin

True Tales of the Gabby Cabby

Ilion Mayor John Stevens Talks Remington

Stevens said that he feels Remington is committed to Ilion.  The work force would be difficult to replace and they recently invested nearly $30 (m) million in the Ilion plant.

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7:35: Frank Meola vs Frank Vescera

We'll put an end to the bickering.  Frank Meola and Frank Vescera are in studio to discuss the recent antics at Common Council meetings.  When Vescera speaks, many of the council members get up and exit the chambers.  What caused all of this?

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

On air…We’re waiting on him.

State Senator Joe Griffo Pipes in About Remington

Did the Governor blow it?

Ilion-Mohawk -  The New Central Valley Central School Super Coz Tangora

Let's get to the bottom of the merged district