Several employees at Remington Arms in Ilion were furloughed on Thursday, until further notice. One employee told WIBX that "at least half the plant was furloughed, including second shift employees who were told not to come in. Furloughed employees will be paid until Tuesday.  The move is in anticipation of next week's bankruptcy hearing. A letter was sent out to employees Thursday.

"As we work through the bankruptcy process, we will need to curtail operations as a result of liquidity issues resulting in material shortages," the letter read. Employees were told that some of them would be contacted by their supervisor who would inform them they don't need to report to work going forward, until further notice. Employees not notified by their supervisor should report to work as scheduled.

"Next week we hope to send you a further communication explaining the plans for after that," the letter read.

Bankruptcy proceedings will resume on Monday, at which time additional bidders for the debt ridden company are expected. Currently, the Albany Time Union reported that there are two gunmakers interested in the company. "U.S.-based Sturm Ruger and Thailand-based Royal Defence, which makes armaments for the Thai and other governments."

Remington is America's oldest gunmaker and Herkimer County's largest employer. The Ilion plant currently employs over 700 people. The company has plants in North Carolina and Alabama.

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