Representative Richard Hanna (R-NY22), who will retire at the end of the year from congress, was featured recently in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail and he wasn't shy about showing his disillusionment.

"The parties are “completely, diametrically opposed.” Deals aren’t struck and nothing gets done. Washington has become a place “where good ideas go to die,” Hanna told Marcus Gee of the Globe and Mail.

The feature which followed Hanna through his hometown of Barneveld referred to the 3-term congressman as "an unusual politician."

Hanna is an unusual politician: a thoughtful, moderate Republican in a party that is about to choose Donald Trump to run for president. So instead of giving a pep talk, he told his audience how Washington became such a mess and why he is getting out.

In a recent interview on WIBX, Hanna complained that both parties are responsible for nothing getting done in Washington. "Nothing gets done," said Hanna while responding to one caller who blamed Republicans for refusing to pass any legislation. "It's not just Republicans," he said, "the Democrats are equally to blame."

Hanna surprised many late last year before the holidays when he announced that he had decided not to run for re-election. It was a decision that seemed to come as a result of his desire to spend time with his wife, his son, 9, and his daughter, 7.  However, Hanna told the Globe and Mail that two fellow Republicans rising to the top of the party contributed to his decision, as well...

The final straw came this primary season with the rise of Mr. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz to first and second spots in the race to lead the Republicans in the race for president. Mr. Hanna notes that he was the first in his party caucus to say he would vote for neither in an election. As he puts it, “Donald Trump thinks he’s God and Ted Cruz thinks he speaks for God.”

Now, with Mr. Cruz out of the race, Mr. Trump is the man destined to lead the Republican Party in November’s presidential election. The prospect leaves Mr. Hanna appalled. Mr. Trump, he says, “reminds me of every general contractor I’ve ever known” – the kind of guy who would step on anyone to come out ahead.

Read the complete article from the Globe and Mail here.

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