The Buffalo Bills are ready to play the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough this afternoon. The Patriots have a one-game lead right now in the AFC East, and with just two games remaining after this matchup, chances are this will decide who wins the division in 2021.

The Bills hold the tiebreaker over New England if they win, since they will have the better division record.

The Bills and Patriots are still both likely to make the playoffs, even with a loss today, although nothing is set in stone yet in the logjam that is the AFC playoff picture.

The Bills will be without multiple players today, due to being placed on the COVID-19 list -- two of them at wide receiver, Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis.

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Beasley was placed on the list on Wednesday, while Davis was placed on the list on Friday, which means Davis will miss next Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons as well, since he (along with Beasley) is unvaccinated.

In fact, Beasley had paid the price in the way of fines from the NFL this season.

According to a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Beasley has been fined in the range of $100,000 for repeated COVID-19 protocol violations.

Beasley has been outspoken since the spring about being against the COVID-19 vaccine and this news comes on the heels of him being ruled out in what's the most important game of the Bills season.

It's not clear what exactly the protocols are that Beasley violated.

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