On Tuesday, an enraged mother in Providence, Rhode Island attacked a news crew when they showed up to interview her about the shooting of her daughter at a graduation party. As a result, she was charged with two counts of felony assault. So much for breaking the cycle of violence.

ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda was attempting to ask Melissa Lawrence how she felt about a 16-year-old boy turning himself in after allegedly shooting her daughter, who is currently recovering. But then the mom went absolutely berserk.

Lawrence first threw a large rock directly at cameraman Marc Jackson, narrowly missing his head. Then she went inside to fetch a bat, which she brandished at the news crew.

Finally, she ordered her two dogs to attack. One of the animals bit Niezgoda on the forearm and both pursued her as she fled down the street in a panic. Eventually, the reporter found refuge in a neighbor's yard and held the dogs at bay until Lawrence called off the attack.

Lawrence was later arrested and released on $50,000 bail after entering pleas of not guilty. Of course, that'll probably be difficult to prove since the entire disturbing attack was caught on tape.

Watch the video below for more.

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