Monday, October 20th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- News programs over the weekend were jam packed with Ebola and now it has become political. There was definitely some yelling going on. A man has been put in charge as the Ebola "Czar."

- We discuss the ways you can contract Ebola, and the improper protocols are changing. 0% of your skin may be exposed when handling an Ebola patient.

- We review some of the causes of mortality in the country by percentages.

- We also talk about all the diseases around the world that kill people in third world countries. We can take care of these things better than third world countries can because of our medicine and resources.


- Last night on Monday Night Football, Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre's record for all-time touchdown passes by a Quarterback. What other records will Peyton Manning break this year.

- We talk about College Football analyst Lou Holtz and his lack of ability to speak on Saturday talking about football.

- A woman in Ohio called 911 and told the 911 operator that she believed her sister had Ebola and lied about a trip to Africa so paramedics would get there sooner.


- There was a fire at Eannace Funeral Home over the weekend.

- The Irish Fest has turned into a huge event and that committee handles the St. Patrick's Day parade. There is word that 7 committee members have resigned.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- In the Adirondacks there were snowflakes yesterday and Ray tells us temperatures will remain milder. He gives the full five day forecast for your week.


- We talk about the Free Money Question of the Day.

- In New Hampshire there was a riot at a Pumpkin Fest in New Hampshire.

- Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci is running for the mayor of Providence once again after his latest stint in jail. This latest incident was from when he put a cigarette out on a man's eye.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- We talk midterm elections and possible surprises we may see. John goes over the states that have popped up on people's radar as close races, and important ones.

- We ask John about Obama's numbers and how even though they've been pretty bad, they are up to 46% according to the latest poll. This is pretty significant.

- We talk to John about Ebola and the protocols involved. He gives the political element of this.

- John talks about Obama's lack of ability to manage. Also, the person who is managing the President is doing a terrible job as well. They are not serving the President well.

- We talk about Buddy Cianci with John.

Free Money Question of the Day and Ainsley Brundage

- Marty from Mohawk calls up to play our Free Money Question of the Day. His question was who was the last President of the former Soviet Union. The answer was Mikhail Gorbachev. He guessed Putin. Unfortunately, he didn't win the $100 but he did win lunch at Carmella's.

- Now to Ainsley Brundage:

- We talk to Ainsley about his journey. He is a 19-year-old MVCC student who dropped out of high school and has ambition to become a lawyer.

- He had to work hard as a Subway acrobatic dancer to make money to save up to come to school. So let's say he made $165, he would save $150, use $10 to eat and use $5 for a Metro Card so he could keep dancing on the train.

- We'll talk more with Ainsley coming up after the break.

Continuing with Ainsley Brundage

- We continue to talk with Ainsely about his ambitions and his goals. He talks specifically about his subway dancing and his life here in Utica.

- He talks about the help he got from his aunt on the co-signing of a loan to get here to MVCC.

- He talks about what law interests he has and how likes living her in Utica.

- He is a very inspirational young man and we look forward to keeping track of his progress.

Ainsley Was In An Intel Commercial (He's Wearing the Black Pants)

Tim Hoch - Family Law Attorney

- Tim is on to talk about a study that was done at Emory University that shows the more expensive the wedding ring and the actual wedding, the more likely a divorce will occur and the more expensive the divorce.

- We talk about what the wedding culture has become and how expensive it can be.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Ron is on to give us an exciting Playoff picture for High School Football.

- You can read his full preview in tomorrow's Utica OD or at

Kevin Hanna - AT&T's #X

- Kevin is from AT&T and he is on to talk about the AT&T campaign to stop Texting and Driving.

- AT&T also has an app that can send an auto reply if you are in your vehicle.

- Texting and Driving has become the number one cause of teenage fatalities in auto accidents.

- The #X campaign is their way of allowing kids and even adults to use that on social media letting people know they will be in the car and not to call or text and expect an answer. This is a problem not just among teens, but business commuters as well.

- You're only purpose while driving is to concentrate on the road.


- When you look at the numbers it's clear that Ebola is being used as a political strategy for the midterms.

- Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for this situation.

- If the President seems Presidential, it may hurt the GOP chances to take over the Senate.

- CNN is covering Ebola like they are covering the Malaysian Airlines flight.

- Bill gives the Mortality Numbers of Americans in 2011. All of the deaths from Flu, TB, Car Wrecks, and lightning strikes are a lot more than the 1 ebola death reported.

- The numbers are even more overwhelming in third world countries because they don't have the medical advances in America.

Free Money Question of the Day

- Our next contestant is Paul in Utica. His questions is...A quote from the Deceleration of Independence is read and Paul was not able to respond. He does win lunch at Carmella's though.

- Play every day twice a day for your chance at $100 Smackers!!!

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