Utica, NY (WIBX) - The last of the Utica Zoo's Siberian tigers has died.

Monona, who came to Utica in 2001 from Henry Vilas Zoo in Wisconsin, succumbed to complications of kidney disease related to aging.

Director of Development and Communications for the Zoo Beth Irons says the tiger has been one their signature species at the zoo for many years. And, she says by having the tiger in their collection, it has introduced thousands of visitors to the magnificent cat and educate them on the endangered species.

Monona was the last Siberian tiger at the Zoo. Her sister, Wingra, died in April.

Officials at the zoo say with the passing of Monona, they are looking into the future toward a species that will fill the void.

"Monona will be missed by all who knew this majestic cat," Lead Keeper at the Tiger Exhibit Alexandra Gemelli said.