Friday, May 15th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Yesterday, the ousted director of a key vaccine agency testified before a House committee. Rachel Sutherland (FNR) reports on the fallout.

7 AM Hour

- We take a number of great calls this morning, including one from Loren Horender of Bare Arms Gun Shop in Ilion. He talks about the returning of refunded sponsorship money to another local charity.

- We end another week of the COVID-19 crisis with Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS. There is never a shortage of questions.

8 AM Hour

- Beth Irons and Naegele are back together again, but on the phone lines. Beth announces the reopening of the Oneida County Public Market and the restrictions that have been put in place to keep people safe.

Naegele's Craft Beer of the Week

- We speak once again this week with Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente about the rough day yesterday and the announcement of 4 deaths.


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