For the second straight day the number of COVID-19 cases reported in Oneida County is less than 10. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is relieved about that, but still urges continued caution.

COVID-19 Numbers

New Cases: 5
Total Positive Cases: 286
Active Cases: 191
Resolved Cases: 87
Negative Cases: 1,587
People Tested: 2,006
Mandatory Quarantine: 419
Precautionary Quarantine: 386
Discharged From Some Form Of Quarantine: 2,196

Hospitalizations (31)

MVHS: 20
Rome Memorial: 20
Oneida Hospital: 1
Out of County: 4

WIBX reported Sunday that Rite Aid in New Hartford is performing drive-thru testing for people eligible to be tested. That criteria, as determined by the CDC, is anyone who is a healthcare worker, first-responder or person over the age of 65 with underlying conditions experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19. Those symptoms include cough, fever, aches and most importantly shortness of breath.

That test site is a "self-swab" testing site and you will need to register at

Oneida County Director of Health Phyllis Ellis also confirmed that the New York State Department of Health is conducting random antibody tests at the Price Chopper in South Utica. You will have to fill out a form and give personal identifying information. You will be able to voluntarily walk up, get in line and stay socially distanced. Those results will not be sent to you via Oneida County. Those results will come directly to you from the New York State Department of Health. Furthermore, Oneida County will not be notified about the results locally of the Antibody Test Survey.

The antibody test, as explained by Health Director Ellis, is not a diagnostic test. The individual taking the test will be pricked in the finger and the blood sample will be sent to the State Wadsworth Lab in Albany. If you were ever exposed to the virus and have built up antibodies as a result, this test will determine that. Those numbers are being gathered statewide in an attempt to calculate at what point the economy can reopen. As of Sunday evening, over 1,400 people were given the antibody test and more will continue through Monday or until the state decides to end them.

Another important point mentioned by Director Phyllis Ellis was the need for people under any type of quarantine to be available by their phones and staying confined to their homes or yards. The Health Department makes continued phone calls to quarantined individuals to get a report on symptoms, temperature and how quickly they can be released from quarantines. If you do go into your yard Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says, "please bring your phone with you and remember you are under quarantine."

Director Ellis also revealed the sources of their data that they ultimately share with the pubic. Ellis says, some tests are sent to certain labs and those labs will report results to the state. Those stats are then uploaded to a website that Oneida County Health officials have access to. They also receive electronic daily reports from MVHS and Rome Memorial Hospital.

The message from County Executive Anthony Picente remains the same. He urges social distancing, not going out unless absolutely necessary, practice good hygiene and "remember to leave the porch light on."

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