Closing arguments are to get underway in the trial of New York State Senator Thomas Libous of Binghamton, who is accused by federal investigators of lying to the FBI about his involvement in getting is son a job at a Westchester law firm.

The defense only called one character witness to the stand yesterday, North District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy, and Libous did not testify before the Defense rested.

Libous is only accused of giving false statements to investigators and is not charged with corruption or influence peddling.

Allegations had been made that the Binghamton Republican leveraged his pull as Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate to promise business for the downstate law firm and manipulate the pay for his son, Matthew.

Matthew Libous earlier this year was sentenced to prison time in connection with tax fraud charges.

In addition to Judge McAvoy, who told the court Libous has a strong reputation of being honest and truthful and while they had known each other for years, they were not friends, the Defense introduced documents supporting claims that the interviewing FBI agents could have recorded their questioning of Libous but did not ask permission from a supervisor.


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