Senator James Seward issued a statement on Amazon’s decision to abandon plans to expand in New York City.

Seward calls it a lost opportunity for New York State.

He says it's extremely unfortunate that a hostile political environment has resulted in the loss of 25,000 good paying jobs.

While I have been critical of the lack of transparency involved in the Amazon deal, I was ultimately supportive of the economic opportunities that were on our horizon, said Seward.

Seward says the project was a net positive for New York and he was working to ensure upstate would benefit, but instead the entire state loses out thanks to the shortsightedness of a few.

Amazon announced it's canceling its plans to build a second corporate campus in New York City.

Other local state lawmakers released statements on Amazon's decision.

Assemblyman John Salka:

“It’s a sad day when we can’t attract a major player in the world economic market to New York. The governor and his circle couldn’t keep Amazon’s interest even with a $3 billion sweetheart deal; it just shows how fostering high taxes and an anti-business mindset can hurt the state as a whole. Cuomo’s failure to court Jeff Bezos with special deals and incentives truly highlights how he’s ruined the business reputation of New York.”

Assemblyman Brian MIller:

 “Though I am opposed to corporate welfare – specifically providing massive tax incentives to the wealthiest company in the world – I know constituents throughout my district would gladly welcome 25,000 Amazon jobs and so do I.  “It is unfortunate, however, that the state continues to focus its economic development strategy on these types of hand-outs and ‘economic hunting’ tactics rather than on ‘economic gardening’ efforts that support and promote the existing businesses in our state. Family farms and other small businesses across Upstate New York are the true backbone of our economy and they need the help, not massive corporations. As we continue to negotiate a state budget and job-creating programs, I hope Albany regains its focus on the Upstate economy.”

Assemblyman Robert Smullen:

"Why did governor want to hand out over $3 billion of taxpayer dollars to one of the richest companies in the world in the first place? The governor found $3 billion to give to Amazon, while upstate communities receive pennies on the dollar in state aid. Now that he’s not, we should reinvest that money into our upstate communities, since middle-class families and small businesses aren't receiving the same generous handouts offered to corporations and the governor’s campaign donors. We’re facing a $3 billion budget deficit, a $2.3 billion revenue shortfall and a continuing outflow of over a million residents, so this was just an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars.”

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