Senator James Seward says he’s had conversations with the new owners of Remington Arms and is extremely encouraged about the company’s future in Ilion.

Seward says the Roundhill Group is committed to restoring the Remington name and continuing the firearm manufacturers’ longstanding tradition of quality craftsmanship.

The Senator says the company does not have major real estate holdings elsewhere and the owners look forward to continuing to operate the historic Ilion plant.

He says the company is expecting an initial recall of 200 workers within 30 to 60 days, with additional growth shortly thereafter.

“I have pledged the support of the Mohawk Valley Nine and expect to hold a more formal meeting with the new owners shortly.” said Seward.  “We stand ready to work with the Roundhill Group and will put them in touch with state and regional economic development officials to ensure future growth here at home in the Mohawk Valley.”

A bankruptcy judge in Alabama approved the sale of Remington’s gun plant this week as part of the arms maker’s breakup.


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