The Oneida County Sheriff's Office has received 200 Comfort Back Packs through "SUNY's Got You Back" program.

The back packs are filled with items like shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, notebooks and pens and pencils

They also include a handwritten message of support for victims and survivors of sexual assaults, and domestic violence.

Members of the Sheriff's Office and the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center will have access to the bags so that they can provide them to crime victims.

Sheriff Rob Maciol says the Sheriff's Office also plans to work with SUNY so that they can also provide a supply of back packs to all of the schools in the county.

The "SUNY's Got Your Back" program is funded through a grant with the New York State Office of Victim Services that was initially announced by Governor Cuomo in the Fall of 2018.