The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is unveiling a new piece of equipment that will help them with the collection of DNA evidence.

Sheriff Rob Maciol says the MVac System will be a key part of the Sheriff's Office Forensics Unit. He says MVac will also be a very important piece of equipment that will be used regularly at the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center

Gerard Bradley of MVac says it works just like a carpet cleaner.  He says it sprays a sterile solution down and vacuums up the DNA.

The MVac system cost $43,600 and was purchased using surplus budget monies.

Maciol says the Sheriff’s Office intends to extend the use of the system to other law enforcement agencies in Central New York in furtherance of their criminal investigation needs as well.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office is the only other police agency in New York state that has an MVac system.

Oneida County Sheriff's Office
Oneida County Sheriff's Office


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