It seems like every week we report on a new story regarding threats, taunts or even violence against a law enforcement officer. The most recent attack happened randomly to an Oneida County Sheriff's Office Special Patrol Officer who was assigned to work security at Union Station in Downtown Utica.

According to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, a Trenton man was arrested Monday following an incident involving the SPO in the area of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Maciol says 38-year-old Seth G. Kraft was allegedly acting disorderly and as a result was asked to leave by the Special Patrol Officer.

Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office
Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office

After being asked to leave, Maciol says Kraft allegedly attacked the Special Patrol Officer. It appears from the mugshot provided by the Oneida County Sheriff's Office that the SPO was forced to defend himself and Kraft felt it. Maciol says of the incident,

This job is getting more and more challenging every day. I worry about my staff every day. You never know what you’re going to have to confront.

Maciol says as a result of the incident Seth G, Kraft of Trenton, New York was arrested and charged with:

  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Trespass
  • Harassment in the Second Degree
  • Resisting Arrest

Kraft was transported to the Kurt B. Wyman Law Enforcement Building for arraignment. Maciol says Utica Police assisted at the scene. This is just one more example of the several risks that law enforcement take every day they put on the uniform and go to work to protect the public.

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