The Showtime television series 'Homeland', debuted with a two-episode premiere on Sunday night and for fans of the series, it's going to look like an all-new show; but, with familiar faces and characters.

Say goodbye to the drama between Carrie (played by Claire Danes) and Nicholas Brody, who died at the end of last season.  Enter more action between Carrie and her mentor, Saul (Mandy Patinkin), as the two attempt to stabilize the crumbling Middle East all while Carey seems to still operate on the edge of her own personal crisis.

Season four opens with an unbelievable CIA operation that will make you question the sanity of Carrie and the credibility of the CIA and their clandestine activities.  Meanwhile, one can not help but make the comparison between Homeland's CIA and the one that is currently really operating in Homeland Security to protect the United States from the world's real terror.

Homeland airs Sunday nights at 9 on Showtime.  The series, now in season four, is available for viewing at Showtime On Demand, along with the previous three seasons.

Watch the Season 4 trailer: