Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Wrapping up our Keeler Toy Drive with one final piece, an Auction. Place your bid on some very unique items.

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***Today’s Topics***


- There is video out of an incident at the Denny's in North Utica. It involves a New York State Parole Officer.


Robert Channing Santa Clause painting (WIBX)
Robert Channing Santa Clause painting (WIBX)

- Keeler runs down our Toy Drive Auction items. You can bid at 736-0186. Among them is this sweet Robert Channing painting.


- Keeler's ukulele birthday song for Baby Jesus.

- Ray Stagich: Some rain and wet snow today...high in upper 30s. Could see 1-3 inches of snow when you wake up tomorrow morning.


-We've got some cool auction items and the phone calls are pouring in.


- The movie 'The Interview' is causing a stir. Premiere's of the film have been cancelled, including in New York City. The plot involves a pair of goofs trying to kill Kim Jong Un.

7:20: Tim Reed

- The Distance Running Hall of Fame has moved to its new location and got word this week of a state grant for energy efficient improvements.

7:40 -

- Keeler's favorite TV shows of 2014 are wrapping up this week: Homeland and MasterChef Junior

- And, Bob has an offbeat call about the naming of local roads.


- Jeb Bush saying he may be a Presidential candidate.



- A brief discussion of this video, recorded at Denny's in North Utica where at NYS Parole Officer uses for to take a man into custody.

8:20  Senator Joe Griffo

Bill Waszkiewicz from Chester's Flowers (Kristine Bellino, WIBX)
Bill Waszkiewicz from Chester's Flowers (Kristine Bellino, WIBX)

- Talks about the funding for new windows at the new Boilermaker headquarters. And, his thoughts on the looming announcement of the location of more New York State casinos.

8:35 Bill Waszkiewicz from Chester's Flowers

-Plus, can you answer our trivia question?


-Reviewing a YouTube video that was recorded at the Denny's in North Utica.


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