Utica, NY (WIBX) - A small crowd showed up at Utica's City Hall with hopes of getting a job with APAC Customer Services.

Matthew Martin was one of those people. He said a job at APAC would be step up, compared to his current line of work.

"It's a change of pace," Martin said. "I deal with customers as is, but a majority of my work is hard labor and I'm not being paid as much as I would be here, so it's better for me."

For Angel Nicholson, being hired for one of the open positions would be a great help, not only for her, but her family.

"With just one person working in a household of five, it's kind of hard to cover everything you need, you know," Nicholson said.

Charles Thompson accompanied a friend of his to the job fair. He said for some of the people applying today, a full time job can be life changing.

"They feel like, yeah, they're getting Social Services but they don't get enough to do what they have to do for their household," Thompson said. "Basically, they are just paying National Grid and the rent... and that's it. What do you have to feed on for the rest of the month."

According to Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri, APAC plans to hire nearly 200 people, including some in leadership roles.