With the mask mandate just being dropped in New York, you might want to keep that mask up. This stomach bug is nothing to mess with.

I had an incredible few days planned this past weekend with my girlfriend. We took a trip down to Westchester County for her to celebrate one of her friend's graduation from college. It was just nice to get away, even if it was staying within the borders of New York State. I didn't really do a whole lot other than check out the former Tappan Zee Bridge and some great restaurants. Oh, and this book store that looked like it was straight out of Harry Potter. But I left Westchester County with a lifelong memory. Sickness!

I can't pinpoint where I got this vile stomach bug, but I can tell you it is absolutely no fun at all. It all started Sunday morning when I couldn't finish my lunch, it just was bothering my stomach. Then as the trip went on I just constantly felt like I had to use the bathroom. And then use the bathroom again, and again, and again. You get the picture. Stopped to see my mother back in the Capital Region very briefly. Had to cut that visit short because I was starting to not feel the hottest.

So I took some Pepto and me and my lady were on our way back to CNY. Get to the Amsterdam exit and all of a sudden I just felt like I was going to fall asleep and I was freezing cold. Woke up right as we were going to get off on the Utica exit on 90 and then I commenced filling up a Burger King cup with my stomach content.

Took a trip to urgent care and was introduced to St. Lukes for the first time for a fine evening in the ER also. Diarrhea that comes from this stomach bug will flat out debilitate you if you catch what I had. The vomiting was horrible for 2 other people who I know that caught this as well, luckily I didn't suffer too much from that. But the hot and cold fever chills were nothing to brag about either.

I feel like this is the worst time for something like this to be in the air too, with the mask mandate coming down. I really hope you do not get what I had, but from what the doctor at St. Lukes told me, it is viral. So please be careful.

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