Those attending the Alice Cooper concert at the Stanley Theatre in Utica tomorrow night will notice a newly refurbished marquee.

New York State Tool Company, along with the Wilsey family, have made a major contribution to the Stanley in the form of two new digital sign boards and over 1,500 new LED bulbs around and under the entire marquee.

Theatre officials say the previous sign board and bulbs – which were installed in 2008 -- started experiencing technical setbacks and were deemed unrepairable.

courtesy of Stanley Theatre
courtesy of Stanley Theatre

They say with many shows, events and projects coming up, the new sign boards were a must for the theatre.

Officials say with the brand new state-of-the-art sign boards and LED lights in place, the Stanley Theatre is once again able to light up downtown Utica.

The Stanley is thanking New York State Tool Company and the Wilsey family for their generous contributions and for helping preserve one of the region's most beautiful and treasured theaters.

Originally built as a movie theater, the Stanley opened its doors in 1928 with 2,963 seats, a grand entry staircase that resembled the main staircase of the Titanic and a gold leaf interior.

The Stanley Theatre was designed by renowned architect Thomas Lamb, whose remaining creations include the Stanley, Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady and the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse.

The Stanley operates as a non-profit organization run by the Central New York Community Arts Council.

For a look at upcoming events at the Stanley Theatre, visit

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