It's "Cold Case Tuesday" and State Police are continuing to investigate the 1968 homicide of 25-year old Donna Lee Hart.

Hart was shot and killed on August 8th inside her home on Route 29 between Dolgeville and Salisbury.

Police say Hart had called her father and told him there was man outside of her home wearing a stocking on his head and he was trying to break into the house.

They say the man did break into the home and shot Hart four times in her upstairs bedroom.

Hart's father, Richard Karla, who responded to the house and found his daughter dead, heard a vehicle leave the area and head toward the village of Dolgevile.

The investigation revealed the gun that was used in the murder was a 22 caliber autimatic pistol that was never recovered.

Numerous leads were investigated and hundreds of people were interviewed regarding the murder, but no arrest has even been made.

Police say Donna’s mother, Virginia Karla, is now 94 years old and says she has outlived most of her family and friends and believes she is still here for the purpose of finding out who murdered her daughter back in August of 1968 and why.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the State Police Major Crimes Unit at (315) 366-6003.