It is Cold Case Tuesday and the New York State Police are continuing to investigate and remind people of a 48 year old unsolved crime, with the death of an Oneida Castle woman in 1973.

21-year old Martha Louise Allen was reported missing from her home on Ninth Street in Oneida Castle, NY on July 26, 1973.

Allen’s grandfather, whom she lived with then, reported her missing and told police at the time that he had last seen her the day before, on July 25 at approximately 8:30AM, when he left the home to go to the Syracuse area for the day.

Police say a few weeks later on August 17, 1973 a boater on Black Creek in the area of Verona Beach State Park found a partially decomposed body in the water that was later identified as Martha L. Allen.

She was last seen wearing red, white and blue striped shorts, a lavender colored tank top and thick rimmed glasses.  Allen had brown hair and brown eyes and was around 120 pounds and 5'3" at the time of her death.

The case was treated then as a homicide and some people were contacted and questioned by investigators, but no one was ever connected to the death of Martha L. Allen.

Anyone with information on Martha L. Allen’s death is asked to call the New York State Police at (315) 366-6000.

photo courtesy of NY State Police
photo courtesy of NY State Police

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