With the legalization of Marijuana in several states across the nation, including Massachusetts, growers and developers of products are getting creative. Marijuana can come in several edible forms including gummies, cookies and even "Wonka" Bars.

New York State Police out of Schuyler got a first-hand glimpse of the different varieties of edibles available when they pulled over a vehicle containing over 400 pounds of various Marijuana products. One of the items seized was a box of chocolate "Wonka" bars containing THC and M&Ms, according to State Police.

The troop out of Schuyler not only confiscated the chocolate, but a large quantity of regular "flower" Marijuana and $8,000 cash. The New York State Police Facebook page announced the arrest Thursday and thanked the Troopers assigned to the Schuyler station

It is truly amazing how far the legalized Marijuana industry has come. There is a company out of Massachusetts that markets and sells the various products. "Theory Wellness" not only sells various flavors of gummy chews, but they also offer chocolates and even cannabis infused seltzer. Obviously, none of the items in the collection acquired by the State Police on the Thruway were legal, but that soon may change. Governor Cuomo has been pushing for the legalization of recreational use of Marijuana for several years now. With an unprecedented budget shortfall, legalization may be inevitability for the New York State Legislature.

I don't know what kind of Golden Ticket would be hiding in one of those Marijuana Wonka bars, but it's doubtful you would have found a pot infused candy bar in Willy Wonka's factory.

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