One of the biggest complaints in communities across the state this year has been the use of illegal fireworks at all hours of the night. Ahead of the holiday weekend State Police announced a crackdown on illegal fireworks and the results are in.

Leading up to the 4th of July weekend festivities several municipalities were fielding complaints of endless nighttime shows startling pets and keeping people awake until all hours. Utica Police did their own sting last week and found that a couple convenience stores were allegedly selling illegal fireworks.

State Police conducted their detail over the weekend out of Troop A in Batavia, Troop C in Sidney and Troop F in Middletown. During the course of their operation State Police say they arrested 21 individuals and seized more than $27,000 in illegal fireworks.

Police say they were highly visible along state highways and communities they patrol actively looking for people attempting to bring the explosives over the border from Pennsylvania into New York. What was the specific purpose of the detail? State Police say, "Illegal fireworks pose significant safety hazards and can be very disruptive for neighbors and the surrounding community."

In addition to the arrests, fines and seizures, State Police say there are several other cases still pending. As a reminder to residents of Oneida and Herkimer Counties, you may set of the ground fountain or shower of sparks type fireworks that are sold, legally, here in the state. However, the noise ordinance is always in play. Be considerate of your neighbors, their pets and family.

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